1.  What is the cost of my moving?

The cost of your move depends on how many things do you have, starting from the number of your belongings and ending with the elevator size (if you live or move into an apartment) and so on. To find out the approximate flat rate, you can send the filled form online.

2. Can I get a discount for my moving?

Yes, you can find out about our new discounts and special offers on the main page of the site.

3. When is it better to order moving services?

The best way to book moving services in advance, about a week before the relocation. But, if you need the services of moving to the next day – this is not an issue for us.

4. What is payment method do you accept?

You can pay in cash or by credit card. We accept Visa & MasterCard. We do not accept American Express cards or checks.

5. When should I pay for the moving?

You pay the full cost of the moving before unloading your belongings.

6. What can I do if the employees have damaged my things?

Dear customer, do not worry! Our company will not leave such a case without attention. After completion of work and its payment – take pics of damages and use the special claim for damages form.

7. Can I cancel the order and how to do this?

Yes, you can cancel the order 12 hours before moving. You can do this only by phone. In the case of our team’s arrival to your address and you want to cancel work – you have to pay $200 fine for a false call.

8. What are we responsible for during the moving?

Our company is responsible for all the items PACKED by us. If you packed your bags yourself – we are not responsible for their storage during the moving.

9. What if the team did not arrive at the specified time or did not arrive at all?

We notify you 15 minutes before the departure of the truck to your address calling to your phone. If due to unforeseen circumstances our truck does not arrive at the specified in the contract time or does not arrive at all to your address – we take full responsibility for your possible financial losses.

For example, the date of your moving is on the 15th of March. You are going to move to the apartment and reserved an elevator there for an hour until 5 pm. Our truck is delayed for 2 hours and we are late, we do not have time to finish the work until 5pm. In this case, we save all your things, which we did not have time to unload absolutely free of charge until the next possible reservation of the elevator.

10. What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the move and want to return my money?

If you are not satisfied with our employees, the quality of our services – you should call our phone directly during work or right after the completion of work and give us detailed information on what happened and why you are dissatisfied. If our employees have completed work under the contract, the funds cannot be returned.

11. What happens if it rains during my moving?

It’s no big deal. Rain is not a hindrance to our work.

12. Do we provide a temporary storage?

Yes, we provide temporary storage for your things. Detailed information you can get by phone.