Taking into account conditions of the labor market, many organizations often face the problem of moving their work space. This can be associated with a lot of factors. Regardless of the firm size, city office movers can help you with the organization of the operative and damage-free transportation of industrial equipment, furniture, documents, electronics, plants, and other objects. Such commercial moving services will considerably reduce all the risks related to any damage, downtime, and delays.

Why to Consider Hiring a Commercial Movers Company?

Dealing with a commercial moving company, a client gets everything done qualitatively and in time. He is only to decide on a time of office move and inform the agency about the deadline. All the rest will be performed by the company – from packing stuff to loading and assembling furniture.
However, if you plan to arrange a move yourself, we offer you a quick guide to office relocation.

Six months before

  • Prepare a “migration” plan;
  • Hire an interior designer;
  • Make a plan for the location of phone network and computer communications in a new place;
  • Evaluate the volume of work and contact moving agencies to inquire costs.

Three months before

  • Decide on a date of the office relocation;
  • Inform employees about the move;
  • Agree on the furniture layout and employee positions.

Two months before

  • Schedule updates on your corporate website, letterheads and business cards;
  • Inform your partners about the office relocation;
  • Google “local office movers near me” and choose the most appropriate option.
  • Make the necessary purchases and prepare items for the new office. Additional furniture must be ordered in advance.

One month before

  • Warn your partner and clients about your location change so that they could always contact you;
  • Agree on all the details of moving with the whole organization;
  • Make a list of websites and e-catalogs where it is necessary to update your corporate address.

Two weeks before

  • Agree on plans for moving with organizations that serve the new and old office;
  • Order keys, parking places, employee permits, etc.;
  • Discuss the plan to move with the selected moving company;
  • Check for a new location for communication in accordance with the plan.

A week before

  • If the loading/ unloading of things is to be carried out by your employees, provide appropriate staff training;
  • Sign all boxes, furniture, and equipment not to lose anything in rush;
  • Start packing things. Do not leave everything to be done on the very last day.

Office relocation is always a stress for the entire organization. In order to arrange the process in the best way, plan everything beforehand and do not be afraid to ask questions when signing agreements with a moving company. Only in this case, it is possible to prevent stress, property loss and damage, as well as delays.