Top Quality Moving is a moving company represented by one of the most professional packers and movers in Florida. Our main goal is to win the love of the customers by helping them to organize a stress-free moving process.


We provide packing and moving services in the whole region of Miami. Being one of the oldest and most experienced companies on the market, we clearly understand what our clients want and expect to get from a moving company.

Our services include packing, moving help, piano moving, residential moving, commercial and office moving. You can order one service only or a couple of services like packing moving help at a time. This concerns unpacking services too. What is better? Everything depends on which type of person you are. Some people enjoy packing, but hate unpacking. So they choose moving and unpacking services only. Other people want to be completely distracted from moving related stress, so they go with a full packaging service and let us take care of their moving process completely. The choice is yours. We are one of those packing and moving companies, which is ready to discuss requirements with the customers.

We also provide a storage service for big items you don’t want to move for now. For example, a piano. You can use this service and give your items in trust for our company to as long period of time as you need it.

You don’t have to buy any additional supplies and packing tools when working with our company. We have all materials and modernized trucks needed for successful and fast moving process. Our moving packers and loaders know exactly how each item should be packed and moved, especially a fragile one. If you have a piano, we will take care of it too. Let our professional team pack, lift up, transport, and upload it correctly for you. Don’t try to move it by yourself even to the second floor, in case you don’t want to scratch or break it. Let professionals do it for you.


Our price policy is designed in such a way to be suitable even for the students. If you want to hire our team, you need to contact the managers by phone or send a request by the website. This is needed to estimate a future moving and provide an approximate price. We don’t set fixed prices without knowing how much stuff you need to move and how long the distances are.
Our local packing and moving company has several offices in the region. You can always choose the one, which is the most suitable and closest to you. If you live in Florida and ask yourself «Is there any Top quality Moving office near me?», the answer is «Probably yes».